Innovation works - Promoting your business FREE OF CHARGE!!



We are inviting local and global businesses to promote their business on our website. Advertising On-line to promote your business will no doubt attract potential businessess locally and around the globe  looking to do business with your company and will generated more revenue now and in future.


We therefore, genuinely wish to invite businesses to place advertisement on our website FREE of charge. Should you be interested than please provide us with a link incorporating your website, or details of your business and relevant photographs etc; and we will do the rest. You will be notify when it’s done.


This offer is to advertise on-line businesses and  promote all kind businesses due to recent Covid-19 pandemic difficulties. We are here to help business and local communities in the United Kingdom and around the globe to promote awareness of their business. How incredible is that helping all businesses worldwide!!


There is no catch whatsoever and currently no annual fee to pay to advertise on our website!!.

Its Free of charge until 31 December 2021. We however endeavour to review our terms & conditions thereafter and we would look into some minimal payment to keep our website active and keep promoting all kind of businesses.


Interested? than please email us at together with your details to be published for our team to create appropriate weblink for your business.


We would encorage you to please refer our name to anybody you think would benefit from publishing their business on our website.




Please note we reserve all the rights to publish on our website without any prejudice



Website is still under constructions gathering information

We will be back very soon! currently do not hold or store any personal data on this website.